Club Penguin

Hello readers! Today I’m going to be writing a post about another virtual world that I play- Club Penguin. This game is very similar to Animal Jam, and just as fun. I’ve known Club Penguin since I was a little kid, therefore I don’t remember much on how I discovered the website. In this entry, I will be telling you about the experience you get as a member and as a non-member, how safe it is for children, and my own experience with it.


   Okay, first I’ll be telling you about the experience you get as a member and a non-member. I think that in-game merchandise wise, Club Penguin could do better. I just wish that more merchandise would be available to non-members! All that non-members get in the clothing shop are different colors for their penguin, and maybe a few different hairstyles and accessories. Only 2 puffles are available for non-members, not counting the alien puffles. Otherwise, the game itself is pretty fun for both members and non-members.

   Common Sense Media says that Club Penguin is for ages 7+. Do I agree with this? Yes, I Well, the answer is, I’ve been playing Club Penguin before I was 7 years old, but I didn’t chat, or really interact with the other users. I was just there for the games. But the age that I really started interacting with other players was when I was about seven or six years old. My point is, yes, I think that seven or maybe six years old is a good time to introduce your child to Club Penguin. And about the safety and the chat filters, Club Penguin does provide a list of words and phrases that users can choose from to express themselves. The other chat option is for the users to type in a combination of 300,000 approved words and phases.

   Now for my experience with Club Penguin. The game was quite popular among me and my classmates, and we had a lot of fun playing together online. Some features that I enjoy are missions that you can play if you’re a secret agent, and all the cool themes that they have. (The current theme is the Prehistoric Party.)

    In conclusion, I do recommend this game. It is very fun, and the ideal virtual world. If you would like to friend me on Club Penguin, mu username is Twinkles05. Thanks for reading, and I will be updating very soon!


Animal Jam

Hey guys! Today, I’m going to be telling you about one of my favorite virtual worlds- Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a super fun game, whether you’re a member or not. There are so many cool features that make the game fun, and there’s no inappropriate content. In this post, I’m going to talk about my experience with Animal Jam, and why it’s one of my favorite games.


  One of the reasons why I love Animal Jam so much is because of all the cool things you can do in the game. One of my favorite features is the cool dens that they have. Another good feature is all the pets you can adopt. I especially enjoy the fact that whether you are a member or not, Animal Jam is still fun. Of course, you would have a better experience as a member, but, unlike most websites, there’s still a lot of things you can do as a non-member. It has everything a good virtual world needs, while still being a kid-friendly, appropriate website.

  That leads me to my next reason, the safety. Is Animal Jam safe? My answer to that question is “Yes, the website Animal Jam is safe.” They have plenty of safety measures, like their chat filters. You can choose from Bubble Chat, which is selecting words and phrases from the list that Animal Jam provides. Restricted Chat is where certain words are not allowed to be typed, and the message is not able to be sent if the message contains one of those words. Finally, Safe Chat is where inappropriate message will not be seen by other players. There is also plenty of moderators, and the option to report and block other players.

  Now, I’m going talk a little bit about how I found Animal Jam. I was on the National Geographic website, and then I saw the advertisement for Animal Jam. Also, a toy reviewer on YouTube that I knew and liked did videos on Animal Jam, so I thought “Why not?”. I made an account, my username being twinkleso5, and I just started playing. I was on the computer all the time for a couple of days, since it was so fun. It’s a great game, and people should definitely play it.

   I hope that this post told you a little more about Animal Jam and it’s features. Again, it is a super fun and safe game. Thanks for reading, and check out my blog for new posts, because I will be updating randomly!