Club Penguin

Hello readers! Today I’m going to be writing a post about another virtual world that I play- Club Penguin. This game is very similar to Animal Jam, and just as fun. I’ve known Club Penguin since I was a little kid, therefore I don’t remember much on how I discovered the website. In this entry, I will be telling you about the experience you get as a member and as a non-member, how safe it is for children, and my own experience with it.


   Okay, first I’ll be telling you about the experience you get as a member and a non-member. I think that in-game merchandise wise, Club Penguin could do better. I just wish that more merchandise would be available to non-members! All that non-members get in the clothing shop are different colors for their penguin, and maybe a few different hairstyles and accessories. Only 2 puffles are available for non-members, not counting the alien puffles. Otherwise, the game itself is pretty fun for both members and non-members.

   Common Sense Media says that Club Penguin is for ages 7+. Do I agree with this? Yes, I Well, the answer is, I’ve been playing Club Penguin before I was 7 years old, but I didn’t chat, or really interact with the other users. I was just there for the games. But the age that I really started interacting with other players was when I was about seven or six years old. My point is, yes, I think that seven or maybe six years old is a good time to introduce your child to Club Penguin. And about the safety and the chat filters, Club Penguin does provide a list of words and phrases that users can choose from to express themselves. The other chat option is for the users to type in a combination of 300,000 approved words and phases.

   Now for my experience with Club Penguin. The game was quite popular among me and my classmates, and we had a lot of fun playing together online. Some features that I enjoy are missions that you can play if you’re a secret agent, and all the cool themes that they have. (The current theme is the Prehistoric Party.)

    In conclusion, I do recommend this game. It is very fun, and the ideal virtual world. If you would like to friend me on Club Penguin, mu username is Twinkles05. Thanks for reading, and I will be updating very soon!


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