Toontown Rewritten


  Hello! This is twilight05. You might’ve heard me from Animal Jam Chronicles. I am now taking part in Kids Universe! For today, me and twinklet05 have found this website called Toontown Rewritten. Why is it rewritten you ask? Well… Toontown Online has been shutdown and so other creators made a game called Toontown Rewritten so that kids can enjoy playing Toontown again. In this game it isn’t exactly like the original Toontown. For example, TTR doesn’t have doodles (pets). However, TTR still has cogs, houses, and gags of course! This game is a lot of fun and we suggest playing this game! On my account my name is Chloe and I’m a peach looking cat with laff that is 62. On twinkle05 her name is Aira Winde, and she is a light blue looking mouse. We’ll see you guys soon for another update on Kidz Universe! 🙂


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