Warriors: Into the Wild Review


  Hello viewers! Today, I will be writing about a book that’s part of my favorite book series- Warriors: Into the Wild. Before I get into giving details about the book, I will tell you how I discovered it. I am a huge fan of Animal Jam, and as of right now, I am a non-member. So that means, I do a LOT of role-playing. I know that the clan role-playing was based off a book, and I wanted to look into it. So that’s how I discovered Warriors. Anyway, now I will tell you about the book. When I first read this book, I was completely addicted to it, I couldn’t stop reading it! Here’s why- it’s so thrilling! I am too excited to know what happens next to Firepaw a.k.a Rusty, the main character. The plot is so intense and thrilling. When I read this book, I can really paint a clear picture in my mind of the characters, using the author’s descriptive words. Erin Hunter is such a good author, and i am looking forward to reading more of her books. Oh, and by the way, if you want more information o these books, check out the Warrior Cats Wiki. It’s very informative, and tells you a lot about the plot, and the prologue and the next book in the series. Thanks for reading and check out Kidz Universe for more book reviews like this!


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