Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Review


  Hey everybody! A couple of weeks ago I watched the new Kung Fu Panda movie in theaters with my family. The movie was great! The movie deserves a five star rating for sure. The movie was super funny and recommended for kids and maybe adults as well. The movie was about Po ( the panda ) and he’s the dragon warrior that everybody in his town loves and he has a dad which is a bird. He finally discovers his real dad which is a panda just like him and his real dad also referred to Li takes him to a place where most panda’s were grown and there were many pandas. But little did you know Mr.Ping actually came along the adventure inside their backpacks. Once they were there po trained until their enemy came to destroy all of humanity so he could rule the world. When he came po brought him to the magical place where the master was once there until he turned into a statue. They had a fight and the pandas back at the panda place did something to help po escape from what their enemy was doing. Finally, po escaped and won the battle and became a true dragon warrior. This movie is personally one of the best movies I have ever seen.



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