Subway Surfers App Review


    Subway Surfers is a fun app that you can download on mobile devices. It’s almost like the game Temple Run. You have to try and avoid all the obstacles, for example, the moving trains. To avoid them, you can either jump (by swiping up), move left or right (by swiping left or right), or ducking (by moving down). There are also many different power ups that you can get to make dodging the obstacles easier. There’s jet pack, which gives you  a jet pack and you can soar through the sky, where there aren’t any obstacles. Then there are the bouncy shoe, that let you jump over trains, and tall objects. You are also collecting coins while avoiding the obstacles, and they can be used to buy hover boards, or extend the time that you have certain power ups. Hover boards are things that you can get that basically give you an extra life when you crash. These also have a time limit. You can also extend it with coins. Oh, and there are also Mystery Boxes. Sometimes, they give you coins and hover boards. They also give keys. When you crash into something, you can use a key if you want to keep going. They also give collectibles which you can collect. Once you get a certain number of a certain type of collectibles, you get a certain character. Mystery boxes can be found while playing. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more posts on Kidz Universe!


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