A Mermaid’s Tail

“OMG I HAVE A TAIL!” Said Mackenzie. Melanie smiled. Mackenzie practiced swimming with her tail. “Wow this is amazing” said Mackenzie. “I wish I could stay like this forever.” Mackenzie then saw that the sun was setting and had to go. She told Melanie to meet up by her castle at noon. Mackenzie swam to shore and looked to see if everyone was gone. Good nobody was there. She appeared out of the water, touched her necklace, and turned back into a human instantly she turned back into a human. And she was dry. How weird Mackenzie thought to herself. She ate dinner, and went to her room. She opened her macbook and did some research on mermaids. It said it was just a made up animal. Good I can hide my identity she thought. Then she closed her macbook. She watched the movie Aquamarine and then went to sleep.


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