A Mermaid’s Tail

The next day Mackenzie woke up bright and early. She made herself some breakfast.She then changed into her bathing suit and fixed her hair. She grabbed her phone and layed on her bed. She checked her social media twice and then headed down to the beach. She dove into the water where nobody could see her. She then touched her necklace and transformed into a mermaid. She swam as fast as she could to Melanie because she didn’t want to be late. Then she saw Melanie. “Oh hey!” Said Mackenzie. “Hey!” Said Melanie. “Did I tell you yesterday about mermaid magic?” Mackenzie shook her head. Well every mermaid has mermaid magic aka magic powers. “Cool! Do I have any?” Said Mackenzie. Melanie nodded. Mackenzie got so excited she accidentally casted a spell by accident that hit Melanie! 



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