Google+ Page? (YT Channel & Email too)


  Hey everyone! It’s twinklet05 here. Today I have some great news! Just recently I created my own Google+ page for Kidz Universe! It’s called Twinklet05 from Kidz Universe, and it’s a possibility that I will make my own YouTube channel and an email for Kidz Universe, but that is only if we reach our goal (which is 100,000 views by the end of May). If you’d like to see these social media pages for Kidz Universe, tell your friends about us! Every single view counts! By the way, I also have made a Pinterest called twinklet05, so check that out too, for sneak peaks about the next Kidz Universe posts. Thanks everyone, and stay tuned for more posts on Kidz Universe.


“A Cricket in Times Square” Review

“A Cricket in Times Square” Book Review


   Hey guys! It’s twinklet05 here bringing you another book review! This time, it’s going to be on the book “A Cricket in Times Square” by George Selden and it was illustrated by Garth Williams. A Cricket in Times Square has received a lot of praise already. Did you know that in 1961, it won the Newberry Honor? Yep, that’s how good it is. A Cricket in Times Square has also gotten a 4/5 from Goodreads and a 4.7/5 from Amazon. In this quick little book review, I will just be telling  you guys what the book is generally about, and my thoughts while reading it. So let’s dive right into it, and get started!

    Basically this book is about a cricket named Chester who accidentally finds himself in New York City, Manhattan to be specific. Chester is found by Mario, the boy who runs the newspaper stand, and with his amazing talent, he helped out the Bellini family business a whole lot, meeting some friends along the way. For me, this book was an amazing story to read. It was very inspiring and touching, too. I am a quick reader, so it took me one to two days to finish this book. I can relate to Mario, when he finds Chester and asks his parents if he could keep it. It was very fun and exciting to read about Chester and his friends, and what they’d might do next. The ending was very shocking for me, and a little sad too. I’m not giving away any spoilers, but prepare to be surprised! If I were to rate this book, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 because I didn’t really like the ending. In the comments below, tell me what you think! Have you read this book before? What rating would you give it and why? Thanks everyone and keep on the lookout for new posts on Kidz Universe!

(Note: I have a new posting schedule! I will be posting every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday! So be sure to check out Kidz Universe on those dates, to see more book reviews, DIYs, math tutorials, and more!)

10 Fun Crafts for Kids!

 10 Fun Crafts for Kids!


  Hello Kidz Universe readers! It’s twinklet05 here. Sorry for the lack of posting, I am quite busy with school and my other blogs, too. Well, now I’m back with 10 fun craft activities for kids. These are great for when you’re bored at home, and you have a lot of art supplies. So let’s dive right into it and get started!

  1. Pouf Sponge Abstract Canvas Painting
  2. Painting Fireworks Craft!
  3. Colorful Newspaper Owl Craft
  4. Simple Fork Print Sunflower Craft
  5. Cotton Ball Heart Painting Crafts for Kids
  6. Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids
  7. Wild Animal Handprints Crafts
  8. Easy Wine Cork Cherry Craft
  9. Paper Plate Bunny Rabbit
  10. Easy Craft Stick Snakes