Making A Popsicle Stick Bridge!

Popsicle Stick Bridge


   Hello, everyone, and welcome to another post on Kidz Universe! Today I’m going to be sharing with you a project I made for school, titled the Popsicle Stick bridge! The assignment was to make a bridge made out of popsicle sticks, and we would later test which bridge was the strongest and could hold 18 pounds. So I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to make your own popsicle stick bridge, so you can try and recreate this assignment. I hope you enjoy!

Tips for Making Your Own Popsicle Stick Bridge:

  1. Make sure there are plenty of triangles in your structure!                                                    hqdefault                                        Triangles are the most stable shape for making braces, or support, so be sure you have a lot of those in your structure.
  2. Have a lot of support everywhere!                                                                                                localnews21_b Look at the picture above. That bridge sure has a lot of support! No wonder it was able to hold 87 pounds before collapsing. It is important that you’re bridge has a lot of support. You can see my bridge has support on the sides, and I also have some support on the bottom of the bridge too, although it can’t be seen.

Make sure everything is glued together properly!                                                                   bridge_0

One loose popsicle stick could be the end of your beloved bridge you had been working so hard on! So be sure that all your popsicle sticks are glued together properly, and your bridge has had time to dry. or else your bridge could turn out like the bridge in the picture above.

Alright everyone, that’s it for today’s post. Thanks for reading and be sure to keep on the lookout for news posts on Kidz Universe! This is Twinklet05, signing out!