D.I.Y Toilet Roll Organizer


Hey guys! It’s twinkle1120! Sorry I didn’t post sooner! I took the week of because I was really busy with school. Anyways today I will be showing you guys how to make your own toilet roll organizer! It’s fun and super simple! Make sure you have a parent doing this with you! Lets get into it! Okay so the materials you will need are toilet paper rolls, makers, pencils, pens, spraypaint, and a shoebox. Okay first take your shoebox and spraypaint it the color of your choice! I did designs :). Okay then spraypaint your toilet paper and hot glue them to the bottom to the shoebox. Then fill them up with any materials! Your done! You now have your own toilet roll organizer! 🙂


D.I.Y Gummy Bear Popsicles




Hey guys! Its me Twinkle1120! Today I will be showing you guys how to make gummy bear popsicles! So the things you will need are popsicle molds, sprite, and of course gummy bears! So you are going to take your popsicle mold, fill the whole mold with sprite but leave some space at the top, put in some gummy bears, put in the freezer for two hours, and enjoy! Stay tuned for more updates on Kidz Universe!