Prodigy (Math Game)


  Hello! I am twinkle1120, a new publisher! So, today I will be talking about a math computer game called Prodigy. It’s a really cool game that the creators of Kahoot made. So basically, the point of the game is to complete quests and get to a higher level! You complete quests by defeating  monsters, usually the quest will give you a monster to defeat, and in order to defeat them, you must solve math problems. You can earn stars, which are basically experience points, by defeating monsters and completing quests. Some other features are that you’re a wizard, and you get to customize your character, and name it too! Another cool thing about Prodigy is that you can play multiplayer! All you have to do is go on the same server as your friend, and then find a place to meet. Then, when you press on your friend’s wizard, you can battle him or her, as if your friend is a monster. Prodigy is really fun, and super kid-friendly. So thanks for reading and check out Kidz Universe for more posts about games, movies, and toys.